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Jennifer Miller is an interior and sculptural lighting designer and the founder of Studio Pitch Black. A creative studio that explores the worlds beyond interior lighting, natural materials and geometric shapes. She leaves the creation of her designs to the spirit of the moment. Nothing inspires her more than the tranquility and wanderings of her imagination. Her creativity sparks with time spent in places that are otherwise overlooked in everyday life. Every place tells a story. Abandoned objects, rushed through alleys or quiet streets, Jenni loves to listen to these lost stories that allow her imagination run wild.

Her passions for design and craft come from her previous architecture studies in Western Australia and her extensive background in artisan craftsmanship. She also loves to spend her days in wild nature, this counterbalances her time spent in inspiring city spaces.


How Do You Stay Focused + Inspired?

Over the last few years, I have become someone who prefers a slow yet focused life. I constantly have new ideas going round in my head that I want to bring to life. The important thing for me is to stay focused.

Here are some of my favorite practices:

  1. Unplug. I unplug each day for a few moments from daily routines. This can be meditation, escaping into nature or switching off my phone for a few hours. This does wonders.
  2. Establish priorities. Prioritizing what is most important to me and writing down next steps, takes a lot of pressure off my to-do´s and helps me focus.
  3. Regenerate. Since living back in central Germany, I find it hard to get back onto my surfboard and recharge for a few hours in nature. I love to take off some time for myself. That can be meeting up with good friends or simply sitting in stillness + listening to the sounds of nature.


When Did You Decide To Dedicate Your Time To Lamp-Design?

The idea for lamp design came to me when I landed in Frankfurt after living seven years in Australia.
I finished my architecture degree in Western Australia but I didn’t want to work as an architect. Not because I didn’t like my degree, in fact I loved my time at university and what doors would soon be opened for me.

During my studies I first experienced what it felt like to do exactly what I had been drawn to all my life. My time at university has given me self-confidence, creativity, and a boundlessness that I have never experienced before.


Why Does It Take A Degree In Architecture To Experience Self-Confidence, Creativity And Boundlessness?

It may sound strange, but this degree means a lot to me. To be able to start my degree in architecture I lived and worked up to 16 hours per day for two years in the Australian Outback. Of course, that was one of my biggest adventures. But it was also a time of my life with some of my biggest emotional ups and downs!


What Happened After Your Time At University?

After I graduated, I rented a studio and mingled with the vibes of other amazing artists, musicians and freelancers. I didn’t want to work for an architecture office but took part in various international architecture competitions independently. These were often smaller buildings that had an extreme social focus. My proposals often resembled a huge sculpture.


Is That When The Idea For Lamps Came Up?

Not yet. The idea came very spontaneously later on.  The beach was only 5 minutes away from where I lived and in my free time (in Australia) I surfed for all I was worth. For reasons that are incomprehensible to this day, I sold my Florence. A vintage 1972 olive green Beetle, convertible, my baby. From then on everything went as if by itself. Suddenly I had sold almost everything I owned, sublet my room and bought a one-way ticket to Lombok. Indonesia was my second home at that point. Suddenly I was homeless in Indonesia, with the only question in my head: How do I combine sculpture and function in my own style? This question circled in my head from morning till night. I did nothing but surf, research, sleep, and scooter around for a month, looking for the illuminating idea.

How Did You End Up in Frankfurt?

After a month of surfing and still no closer to the answer, I dearly missed my family in Germany probably for the first time in seven years. I had nothing on the agenda, no home except the bungalow on the beach and I felt homesick for the first time. I didn’t have the answer to my question anyway, so I thought I’d go and visit the family. Then the ticket was booked and the bags packed.


And Then The Idea Was Born?

Yes, all of a sudden! My question went now like a mantra in my head that repeated itself over and over again. How do I combine sculpture + function? With the impact of the plane landing in Frankfurt I must have realized that I was now in Germany. When I waited for my bags and looked at the people to my left and right, a thousand thoughts went through my head and for the first time I didn’t think about my question. That’s when I noticed the advertising banner in the baggage hall: It was some lamp that looked totally designer crazy. I had to look twice: Is that a sculpture or a lamp? Exactly at that moment I had my answer: Sculptural lighting design.

STUDIO PITCH BLACK stands for lamps 100% handmade, compositions of minimalist design, harmonious lines and colors, coupled with simple elegance.


Like an inner sun that helps us glowing as soon as we understand how lucky we are. Lucky to be alive. Lucky being able to feel and perceive all the joys in our life. There are thousands of such suns within us, created in moments of being in the here-and-now.

Cahaya is a way of materializing this joy. She is a loyal companion and reminds us how much our everyday life is saturated with thousands of little joys.

The design, entirely in the style of the “Cahaya family”, is a sculptural work of art by day and reveals its entire spectrum at dusk. The play between light and shadow extends far beyond the lamp and creates a feeling of warmth and invites to day-dream. The indirect light transforms rooms and immerses them in its own unique glow.

The Cahaya lamps are available in three sizes.

Small         245 x 245 x 130 mm
Medium    385 x 385 x 130 mm
Huge         590 x 590 x 130 mm

Material:   Wood
Socket:      E27

If you are interested in the CAHAYA lamp, please contact me.

Fascinated by the constant change between light and shadow, Studio Pitch Black´s claim is to bring sculpture and functionality in symbiosis and transfer this to the designs. All lamps are 100% handmade, compositions of minimalist design, harmonious lines and colors coupled with simple elegance.




Hanging Cahaya

This lighting fixture floats harmoniously in your favourite living space like its own little microcosm. The radiant light in the core of this lamp is a reminder of the individual abilities that lay within all of us. We are all unique and wonderful. This lamp´s simple elegance and its soft light creates a harmonious ambience.


Hanging Cahaya is available in two sizes. The indirect light transforms rooms and immerses them in its own glow:

Small    Ø 250 mm, height 200 mm
Large   Ø 400 mm, height 300 mm

Material: wood

If you are interested in the Hanging Cahaya, please contact me.

All lamps are 100% handmade, compositions of minimalist design, harmonious lines and colors, coupled with simple elegance.


Vortex is a place that emerges completely detached from the daily hustle. It contrasts so much with the hands on activities in the workshop that Jennifer sometimes has the feeling that her creativity really finds its free sound here. Inspired by often rushed-through moments, she loves capturing those „lost-moments“ with her art. Once finished with an artwork, she reinterprets it with a new painting, that often results in a mini-series.

Inspired by Indigenous Australian art, „Galactic Touch“ shows the intimate moment of two individuals when they meet.

Inspired by the modern way we often eat today, „Modern Medicine“ draws attention to a healthy diet.

Inspired by the ever-changing world, „New Earth“ shows how new challenges can be mastered in a playful way.


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All artworks are painted by
Jennifer Miller at Studio Pitch Black.

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